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  • How much does Fuzed OnPremise cost?

    Fuzed provides flexible options for OnPremise deployments. You can choose a CAPEX model where you pay one time license fee upfront or an OPEX model where you pay a subscription price per active concurrent user per month. Please call us at +1 469 420-0080 or contact us for more details.

  • What does concurrent users mean?

    Most subscription based software require you to pay for all people associated with your company that use the software. The value of social networking software really shines through when everyone associated with your company – your employees, partners and customers are connected. Charging for every user in that case would require you to constantly evaluate who can and cannot use the software thereby negating the very essence of social software. Fuzed takes into account only the number of people that are actually logged in and using Fuzed at one time.

    For example, if you have 1,000 employees and 120 partners and potentially would like to provide access to 50 customers, that would mean a total of 1,170 per user per month subscription licenses with other solutions. But, if at any given time, at the maximum 150 employees are ever using Fuzed at the same time and 10 partners and 10 customers, that would mean 170 per concurrent user per month subscription license with Fuzed. Fuzed provides the ability for the administrator of your Fuzed Network to automatically end sessions of people logged on for more than a certain time period.

  • What does active concurrent user mean?

    Fuzed counts 1 specific person connected and performing any action in the Fuzed Network with any number of devices/sessions as 1 active concurrent user. For Example : John connected to the Fuzed Network using the browser and has the desktop notification app running on his work laptop. Even though John is connecting using multiple devices and multiple apps, Fuzed counts him as 1 concurrent user.

    Fuzed provides administrators the ability to expire user sessions based on rules (for example, configure time elapsed since last activity to automatically expire session) to maintain the required concurrency level.

    In the above scenario, John could be receiving notifications on his desktop but unless John takes an action (rates, comments, shares, responds to a message etc), his session on the desktop is not considered “active”