New features in Fuzed 2.0

Fuzed 2.0 connects new age social with time proven knowledge management. Enterprises taken up deploying knowledge management concepts and solutions within the company,  recognize the challenge in enabling people to contribute knowledge and at the same time access knowledge when needed. Social solutions on the other hand have given the term “knowledge” to all activity passing through an Activity Stream. At Fuzed, we have recognized that knowledge management concepts sorely needed what we now know as the “social experience” to really succeed. That is exactly what Fuzed 2.0 bring s to the enterprise. Here are some of the key enhancements and introductions grouped in two categories:  social and knowledge management.


  • Enhanced Member Profiles - Fuzed lets people add multiple roles that they may have performed within the company so others can get a sense of their accomplishments within the organization. People can also add their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles so colleagues can get to know a broader view. Adding expertise and interests as tags makes people surface in relevant topics that others may be exploring. People can also pin information that interests them to their profile. Others will be able to view a holistic view when they visit a members profile.
  • Enhanced Member search - Apart from a searchable member directory, Fuzed lets people search for members based on expertise, interests, locations and even titles. Finding the right person has never been easier. Want to see who Fuzed thinks you may or should know? Just click on “Members you may know” to find out!
  • Targeted Surveys – Fuzed builds on already strong survey capability to add the ability to target the survey to specific members of a community. Survey analytics provide deeper trends that given insight into when people respond to specific questions and how the responses are tracking.
  • Targeted Assessments – Target specific assessments to specific individuals in a group based on their title or expertise.
  • Enhanced Analytics – Building on existing community analytics, specific leaderboard reports have been added.
  • Private Messaging –  In contrast to One on One Contact sharing where Fuzed provides the ability to manage a network of contacts and activities with them, private messages in Fuzed allow the exchange of private email like messages with one or more members of the Fuzed Network that may not be a contact.
  • Subscriptions – Fuzed gives people the ability to subscribe to activity specific to content, a persons public acticity, a persons activity in a group or  topics discussed in specific groups.
  • Notifications – Fuzed allows people seperate notification rules for email and for the desktop. You can choose specifically when and who you want to hear from in email and on the desktop making it easy to keep focus on things you care about at the present time. Click on the notifications tab here to learn more.
  • Actionable Desktop Notifications - The Fuzed Desktop Notification Beta alerts people of activity as it happens in their Fuzed network right on the desktop. This reduces the need to switch to Fuzed while people are working in other productivity applications. Rather than just providing a notification for an activity like most applications, the notifications from Fuzed are actionable. The Fuzed notification pop up lets you take action right inside the notification pop up. The actions that you can take in the notification pop up are activity sensitive. For example, if the notification is for a poll that is shared, respond to the poll right from the notification or if the notification is for a new message, reply to the message right in the notification itself.

Knowledge Management

  • Knowledge Mapping – Access to organizational knowledge is critical in analyzing information and ideas that enable people to accomplish great things. But, many organizations have already found that implementing a formal structure for capturing and disseminating knowledge to everyone when it is needed, is difficult and rigid. A technique implemented as part of knowledge management, Knowledge Maps allow adding context to information objects like documents, links, reports, questions and more. Fuzed embraces knowledge mapping by integrating the social experience to provide all people the ability to contribute in the creation of Knowledge Maps. In addition to providing a list of all the activity performed on a given information object by members of a group, Knowledge Maps in Fuzed also display a collection of associated information that are linked by members of the group and a list of related tags all in one view. Visual cues around a document or a search result show existence of Knowledge Maps. Discovering the right information just got a whole lot easier!
  • Search with context - Keyword search with Fuzed means access to more than a list of content that matches those keywords. Fuzed analyzes the keywords and powers every search result with a shot of context. Every search result highlights its context including the groups, contacts, private or public space where it was found and also if there is an available Knowledge Map for that search result. In addition, Fuzed summarizes people, groups and tags associated with all the results for that search. Now, instead of hoping to find the right information, Fuzed gives you the power to discover the knowledge you are seeking.
  • Related tags –  It is possible that people have assigned multiple tags to a single piece of information. When analyzing a tag, Fuzed surfaces other related tags that are associated with information that is connected to the main tag. This helps people in quickly discovering related information.
  • Private Knowledge Space – Many times you find something interesting and just don’t have anywhere to put it where you can find it. Interesting tweets, articles, blogs, research, something someone else shared. Now, with Fuzed Knowledge Space, just type “Private” when you find something interesting and Fuzed will record it in your private workspace. You can also create private Knowledge Maps that help you navigate information quickly. Searching for keywords will also provide results from your private workspace. Feel free to share anything from your private workspace with others.
  • SharePoint integration - SharePoint Team Site sprawl getting you down? Is it hard to find the right document when you really need it? Access to that particular SharePoint document not available in context to the task hand? With Fuzed, tap into SharePoint just like any other source of information. Connect and navigate SharePoint sites and content right inside of Fuzed. Collaborate, discuss and share documents in SharePoint with groups in Fuzed. A SharePoint document provides more insight into a question asked by someone? OR an existing document is related to a conversation in Fuzed? Add SharePoint documents to other information’s Knowledge Map and ensure that the document will always be found in context to other information. Fuzed supports SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010.


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