Context Powered Search

Keyword search with Fuzed means access to more than a list of content that matches those keywords. Fuzed analyzes the keywords and powers every search result with a shot of context. Every search result highlights its context including the groups, contacts, private or public space where it was found and also if there is an available Knowledge Map for that search result. In addition, Fuzed summarizes people, groups and tags associated with all the results for that search. Now, instead of hoping to find the right information, Fuzed gives you the power to discover the knowledge you are seeking.

Search results in Fuzed highlight the sentences that the keyword(s) were found. For every search result, Fuzed also summarizes one or more locations where the search result was found. For example, the result could have been found in two groups, activity with a contact and in the private store. People can see all activity done for that search result simply by clicking on the name of the location where the result was found. If a Knowledge Map highlighting associated information was found in a specific location, Fuzed visually alerts the person as well. Fuzed takes search to the next level. Discover more and search less with Fuzed!

Search results in Fuzed

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